About Tabitha

Tabitha Vinson is a lover of God and a woman passionate about seeing women encouraged, healed, and restored. She calls it specifically, helping the "walking wounded". Whether she’s steering them towards their dreams, like starting a business, or working on addressing some of their old hurt and pain, her focus is to guide them into being the best women they can be. Tabitha felt surrounded by people who didn't support her dreams while growing up, yet through God, she was able to prosper in a toxic environment.

Holding a BA in Political Science from Seton Hall and a certified paralegal, Tabitha started her business Vinson Paralegal. She uses her legal background to work with women who are ready to start businesses and hopes to show them success is possible.

And, that’s only where her motivational attitude begins. Tabitha has been dubbed the Motivational Worshiper™ in Christian circles using her ministry background (through dance, plays and facilitating workshops) to delve into the heart of a woman to discover the self-sabotaging habits that inhibit their dreams. She’s extended her reach to radio as well where she hosts an award-winning show PWICU (Prophetic Worship Intensive Christ Unit) that focuses on helping women discover their true identities. She’s been titled their Internal Wealth Mentor™ because wealth isn’t only about the outward material things.  Tabitha has also been recognized by Woman of Power Magazine and awarded for her excellence in broadcasting as well as voted Woman of The Year by His Heart Scribes, an inspirational magazine, among many other awards at women's conferences around the country.

Her uncanny ability to touch lives from afar is what makes her ministry and life so powerful. Her writing and encouragement has touched women around the country. “It is virtually impossible to make up a genuine heart, it has to be ingrained in the depth of their character—and that’s something Tabitha Vinson definitely has—a vivacity of character,” Imani Wisdom.

The Vision at work:

ForEver Word is an artistic organization that brings the Word of God to life through dance presentations, plays, street skits, seminars and film.


PWICU is the Internet TV and radio show, and winner of the Women of Power Award for Excellence in Broadcasting. This faith-based inspirational phenomenon catapults the viewer and listener into taking full control of their destiny.


Vinson Publishing is the scribal arm where the papyruses (books) are written by authors who demonstrate an anointing in principles that are in alignment with the mindset of Christ.

Vinson Paralegal is a paralegal firm that focuses on corporate and business law, business organizations, intellectual property and ecclesiastical law.