Tabitha the Worship Dancer

Prophetess Vinson:  I want to first thank you for how you sacrificed your flesh totally that God would begin to use you throughout the entire prophetical conference.  You had the focus of God, the determination of our Lord Jesus Christ and the anointing of the Holy Ghost from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet that traveled from your vessel into ours. I have never seen anyone prophetically demonstrate the fight that the angels took on against the wiles of the enemy in Heaven. Each and every time that you twirled those swords/flags, spun around and pushed the enemy we saw the fire and the awesomeness of the power of God. We thank God for the tools that He gave you.  It was well choreographed, prayed on and blessed by God.  I can go on and on.  One would have to have seen what we had seen because sometimes we take for granted what really happened in the Heaven.
~ Apostle Rich, See The Light Ministries

ForEver Word’s dance ministry truly blessed my soul. It gave me a true outlook on the enemy, his job, and how he thinks. For a short time that he is victorious, but ah! We all know who always wins the battles. I actually was shown by ForEver Word an up close view of spiritual warfare.
~ Gale Perry, Lakewood, NJ

During a women's conference in October, I had the opportunity to witness Prophetess Vinson minister in dance. As part of the performance, she used a fog machine and a chair to represent the Shekinah Glory of God and His throne.

As the smoke filled the room, I could literally feel the very presence of God. I felt as if I were in the very throne room of God. As she prepared to minister in the dance, she began by giving her testimony. She spoke of jealousy and church hurts, and my spirit leaped; that showed me that I was truly not alone. As she ministered in the dance to the song My Purpose by Spensha Baker, I was reminded that our purpose is to serve, praise, and live for Him. That is when I began to realize, a step at a time, what my purpose was. My purpose was and is to serve God! No matter what we've been through, we have to realize that our purpose is to serve and to praise God, and Prophetess Vinson ministered that ever so beautifully.

As she worshiped and ministered, the glory of God filled the room and you could feel God's presence. It was then that I began to tell the people that God desired our worship. I just could not allow this woman of God to usher in the spirit of God in vain. We are laborers, even co-laborers, and we must identify the move of God and move with Him to assist one another! Prophetess Vinson beautifully ushered in the Father, and set the atmosphere. All we had to do was realize our purpose and join her!
~ Apostle Yolanda Davis, S.A.L.T. Ministries, Inc.