Word of Mouth

On June 2011, I suffered an unexpected and tremendous loss—the death of my mother. The arduous void of not having the one true person who was there in my time of need had left me numb with grief. Everything and everyone became a blur. It was as if time dragged on for days with a trail of lasting memories. Even doing what I love, like writing, was foreign. I had no interest of typing any expressive thoughts on the screen—all I wanted was to wake from that nightmare to see my mother again.

Then hours after her death, there was something that told me to log online. Surfing around the internet was the last thing I wanted to do but I needed time away from the constant visits from well-wishers. So, naturally, I ended up where anyone would go first—Facebook.

The endless statuses of frustration, joys, and just plain weird were all plastered next to their frozen images. I saw condolences from friends and family under my somber status minutes after my mom’s passing: My mom’s is at peace now. As I read through their words of comfort, I received a message on my wall from a woman I’ve met in many online writing groups—Tabitha Vinson.

Tabitha stood from many writers in the group with an outgoing and professional demeanor. She never conveyed a radiance of arrogance or belittled anyone’s talent; she was basically the voice of reason or what I called, the momma bear of the bunch. Yet as I read her touching words of condolences, I felt a genuine outpouring of affection. I don’t recall what she had said but I do remember it was pure love.

The days followed as she continued to blanket me with encouragement and even shared a song I still play to this date—Diane Reeves, Better Days. “This song had got me through some of the toughest times” I recalled her saying. “I just want to share this with you. Hopefully, your days will get better”.

What Tabitha did during those tumultuous days was not any different from the loving affection from my internet friends, personal friends, and family I had received. However, as the great Dr. Maya Angelou once said: I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.  This quote speaks volume to Tabitha’s personality.

It has been a little over a year since my mom’s passing, and I still cannot recall Tabitha and I conversation by verbatim. What I can recall is her realness being felt hundreds of miles away. It is virtually impossible to make up a genuine heart, it has to be ingrained in the depth of their character—and that’s something Tabitha Vinson definitely has—a vivacity of character.

Everything that I’m typing is coming from the depths of my soul. When we exchanged those messages on Facebook, she made me believe that I could survive it after all. My mom’s death was not an ending but a beginning. In meantime, I will not let my mom’s passing go in vain if I give up something she encouraged to go after in first place—my writing. Ms. Tabitha echoed her sentiments and became my cheerleader. Well, I’m still standing because of this beautiful woman, and I will all ways be eternally grateful. Thank you, Tabitha
~ Imani Wisdom, author of Zion’s Road: A Love Story about Faith and Redemption

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I've come to know Ms. Tabitha Vinson by what I know to be a 'divine appointment' that was truly arranged by God. Her writing gift is what drew me to her but as time passed by I became very blessed to know that no one could write with the passion of her deepest life's experience the way she does unless her 'true' nature was about her Father's business. This wonderful woman possesses the anointing from on high in all of the aspects of ministry and she is endowed with the blessings of such a 'real' and 'true' love for God and for His people. Her work for the Kingdom is evident from all that she accomplishes in all aspects of her life and ministry. She is a blessing to the LORD and to each of us that have had the honor of getting to know her. In Jesus Name.
~ Pastor Cecile Jo Higginbotham, CEO, His Heart Scribe Devotional Magazine

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Tabitha Vinson a beautiful woman of God who loves sharing the Word of God with others. God uses her through her praise dance, worship, song and her ministry of anointing to others. For me she has blessed me more than she knows by encouraging and helping me when I even can't help myself. Her agape love of Christ shines through her for His works. Tabitha is about teaching and reaching to those who are lost, who needs encouragement, to be uplifted from burdens.

Tabitha is about the truth of God's Word. As I sometimes I'm feeling down and needs a word. From God I can go and her motivational words of the ay and tears would fall because of what God has lead her to put up making me feel its just for me. God knows exactly what is needed and uses her for that purpose.

I consider Tabitha a friend, sister in Christ, confidant, woman of God. Tabitha uses the Word of God to reach and teach others of the glory of God. When God speaks He speaks through her. She is not about fame or fortune; she's about the magnification, manifestation and power of God to be heard to the masses. Tabitha is one of those women who’s about helping. She has prayed for me when I couldn't pray for myself. I say to thank you Prophetess Tabitha for allowing God to use you in the many ways that has touched me. Keep letting the almighty Lord God use you. I love you my sister friend and woman of God.


~ Poetess LaKeisha Hall ©2012

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My name is Dominique Wilkins. I remember when I first met Tabitha. I had written my first book, Mother In-Law Guilty of Murder and I was very proud of it. I wrote a book about pain and struggles in a wayward world. A woman who was lost and trying to make her life in the Devil's world work for her and her children. After years of mental and physical abuse, she found God and got out. I thought this was the perfect story for all to read, enjoy and be empowered by. At the time, I felt that the story was written for all to enjoy, but when I participated in an exercise, meant for others to gain fans through fellow authors' support, Tabitha stated firmly that she also was participating, but would not be compromised by supporting EVERYONE'S pages, if it did not appear Godly and was toxic to who she stands for.

Some people felt that it was not fair, because they had never been exposed to someone, who would not waiver from their beliefs. No one does that, they felt. Immediately, I understood and respected her if she did not like my Mother In-Law book's page, but she reached out to me and asked me a few more questions about it and shared her knowledge and thoughts on my work from what she could see by reading the synopsis, which empowered me to make some changes to it, so that ALL could enjoy my work, not just this one. To take the next step and BE better!

A little bit after that, we spoke on the phone and again, she hit me with her realness, when I had questions about faith and religion. She took the time to talk to me and all I could think of was how grateful I was for her to take the time to deliver my personal message. I greatly appreciate her friendship and respect her realness. When Tabitha speaks, I listen. I know that her answer will be true, respectful and valuable.
~ Dominique Wilkins, author aka Dee Double U

Being a woman in business is difficult enough without the added challenge of weeding out the authentic from the rest. It’s a rare thing when one finds a person who motivates and inspires them to achieve greatness; not only in business, but in every aspects of ones life. I have been fortunate enough to find in Tabitha Vinson a woman who has unselfishly shared valuable information and the fruits of her wisdom. She is the epitome of a motivational worshiper and I’m thankful to God for sending this extraordinary woman across my path. I will forever be grateful for the connection.
~ Cassietta Jefferson, CEO / author Virtuous Ink Publishing

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What can I say about this amazing strong spiritual woman Tabitha Vinson? She is passionate, kind, humble and will tell you how it is, but with kindness.

I’ve had the pleasure of communicating back and forth with Tabitha when I started to see my vision as a Poetry writer, well, better said when others helped me see the potential I had. Tabitha has always been so supportive whether posting comments on my poetry work, or just to see how I am doing; sending out prayers when I am not doing so good or she noticed that a loved one has passed aSome may see it strange that people do connect in a good way on such a large social network, but you meet some amazing people and end with some great friends who are real and true.  Tabitha is an inspiration not only to me but too many people she comes in contact with: that could be in person, by phone or on the media circuit. It has been my honor to know this wonderful sister and someone I can call a friend; much Love and respect Tabitha; truly a dear Friend.
~ Tamari also known as Lady T as Tabitha calls me

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If anyone can get a prayer through Prophetess Tabitha Vinson can. When it’s time to get serious and get the devil out of your life God has entrusted her with the ability to do so. She’s not afraid of the devil and as she goes in she’s fully prepared and dressed with the whole armor of God. Having seen first hand the force of her worship, her understanding and operating in the complete authority provided to her by God the demonic realm sounds the alarm for they know they are in a fight they know they have already lost.
~ Pastor JoAnn Sandlin, ThD, Christian Counselor

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Prophetess Tabitha Vinson is a powerful prayer warrior.  She takes the Word of THE Living God, and uses it strategically against Satan and his demonic forces.   She exercises the authority Christ has given her to destroy the works of darkness. Prophetess Vinson is very sensitive when interceding for the needs of others, often sensing their need; even before it has been revealed.  She enters into the secret place with Christ where He reveals His spiritual treasures of wisdom and knowledge to her. She identifies the names of the strongholds of darkness in order to lock up the forces of Hell to release the Kingdom of God

Prophetess Vinson is also a prolific worship dancer.  She often takes days of prayer shut-ins with the Lord to tap into His creativity to bring forth His will in her worship to Him.  The anointing rests within her so heavily that during her worship dance to Him depression has fallen off those that have witnessed her adoration to Christ. She and Christ have become one and His very Presence is felt in her dance.  She is not performing for an audience of people, she’s communing with Christ. She presents only excellence to Christ in her worship clothing, worship tools, and worship dance.
~ Pastor M.J. Wray, Senior Pastor & Visionary, Fulfillment In Christ