Ask Tabitha

Here are some questions I have been asked over the years. Click the question to view my response.

Faith Questions

QUESTION: Why is it Pastors feel a Prophetess is not in real ministry. Or if we do have a minister lic to go with it. They feel because it took them 10 yrs of school they are for real and your not.

Tabitha: I stopped providing explanations. I just do what GOD called me to do and let HIM deal with their ignorance.


QUESTION: I just read a comment on a friends update…(not her) but someone posted a comment, and my question is: does the use of profanity make someone’s point any clearer? I understand sometimes we get passionate about our feelings toward something, but there are actually many words that can express this besides the “f” word…I had to update this, the only “f” word I use is F*A*I*T*H

Tabitha: Profanity doesn’t have to be used to get the point across. You can be passionate without sounding hypocritical – this being directed to those of the F*A*I*T*H. There are too many words in the English language to convey how you feel.


Business Questions

QUESTION: Need a little advice. My Business has officially taken off to a point where I’m over loaded. Can’t quit my day job yet (Too risky with economy). I hate turning new clients down, but I have to, and I’m not sure I have enough set to hire an employee. Great position to be in right now but frustrating. Don’t want to burn out on doing what I love. HELP ME WORK SMARTER! I you’ve been where I am!

Tabitha: I agree that saving a years worth of salary is a must – just make sure that the salary not only covers obvious expenses, but also the unexpected (e.g. emergencies, all of your insurances).


QUESTION: In starting your business, what was your knowledge of running a successful business?

Tabitha: Before starting my businesses I learned and continue to learn my industries. I looked at each job I had as a paid internship. Research and keeping apprised of all trends relating to my business are vital.


QUESTION: Being transparent: how do you correct a business mistake?

Tabitha: Any mistake begins with an apology; even if it’s to yourself. Step back and assess the situation then if you don’t have the solution within ask those who have been there done that, which leads to the question, what was the mistake? I’m unable to answer effectively or correctly until I know what exactly is the problem.

NOTE: If the individual is dead, his i.p may be in the public domain, meaning free game for anyone. It is kind of like someone failing to renew their patent or trademark- up for the taking. This article may also help:


Writers and Authors Questions

QUESTION: What do you write? Movies, blogs, film scripts, newsletters, articles, essays, web copy, sales copy, columns, bios, resumes, thesis, business plans, grants, magazines, manuals, textbooks, poems, plays, children stories. What do you write?

Tabitha: Articles, when I have the time, books, plays, street skits, grants and since I’m a paralegal consultant – legal documentation.


QUESTION: What is your expert opinion of Google Reads –

Tabitha: In my expert opinion it’s a must for every author and publisher. This is an excellent platform with over 7 million members who share the books they enjoy. It behooves the astute author and publisher to effectively and strategically utilize this platform to the fullest. Several well known commentators with a large following post their reviews and guess what? Authors and publishers have seen a dramatic increase in sales. It’s an easy platform to use and it’s free to join. Unlike other groups this platform is a definite plus to a person’s ROI.



QUESTION: Thank you for your profound recommendation. Do you use GoodReads for the Authors you assist to successfully self publish in your publishing firm?

Tabitha: Absolutely – Vinson Publishing definitely believes in using all social mediums that’s relevant to our platform, mission and industry. It’s an added benefit as the more tools we come across the more we can add to our website, which is currently undergoing a rebirth.


QUESTION: Do you take the time to acknowledge other authors work?

Tabitha:  Absolutely! As far as I’m concern to provide kudos to books that you’ve enjoyed reading is excellent way of sowing seeds – after all you reap what you sow.


QUESTION: MYTH #1: You have to be a Writer to be an Author…… yes or no?

Tabitha:   Before I respond can you clarify the “writer”


QUESTION: The myth goes you must be a writer meaning” know how to write” in order to Author a book, in the first place… agree or disagree?

Tabitha: Just wanted to be sure – rather be safe than sorry. I disagree. Many authors, and yes quite a few are best selling authors, have excellent ideas for plots, flow etc; however, their writing skills are in the subterranean compartment of hell itself. That’s where the editor/editors come in and help the author. I know some authors who hate to write they just want to dictate the manuscript, have someone transcribe (secretary or typist) then send to the editor.



QUESTION: Not the compartment of Hell itself! Ouch. Tabitha Vinson you brought up an excellent point Voice –>Data Entry –> Editor —> Publish… That’s the Robert Kiyosaki Rule of thumb :-) Does it make him any less of an Author because he did not write it himself?

Tabitha:  Absolutely not! Having the ideas and writing them are two different crafts. I for one am infamous with the comma splice – therefore I don’t worry about it and simply let the editor(s) do his/her/their thing. I don’t view what he and other authors have done as ghostwriting as that is something TOTALLY different, but that’s for another post.


QUESTION: From a Reader’s perspective, is there a distinct difference between a literary piece of work birthed via a writer actually writing the book or hiring a ghostwriter? Is their a distinct fragment in the “writer’s voice”? Does it make it less authentic? or is this too a job for a wonderful editor such as Author Jamila E. Gomez?

Tabitha:  Let’s see Ceceila asked is there a distinct difference between a literary piece of work birthed via a writer actually writing the book or hiring a ghostwriter? In my opinion hiring a writer is different than a ghostwriter. When an author hires a writer the author is actually dictating their story and the writer is helping them to express themselves in book form. A ghostwriter on the other hand is someone who has written a story and the author takes credit for it. Now if I’m wrong I have no problems standing corrected. I’ve seen books that say for EXAMPLE Life Time of Tabitha Vinson written by Jamila Author Jamila E. Gomez or as told to and written by Jamila Gomez.


Self-Publishing Questions

QUESTION: Ok so my next question is do you still have to do a non disclosure agreement even if your work is copyrighted?

Tabitha: My response: As we say in the legal field it depends. Example if the book is part of a series or if you’re going to produce a second edition then YES! There are other examples but what I presented will suffice.


QUESTION: When it comes to self-publishing, does anyone have a preferred platform? I am currently comparing with Leaning towards, CreateSpace, but would love feedback if you’ve experienced either. Thank you!

Tabitha: There have been mixed reviews about Createspace and LuLu. I’ve heard nothing but negative feedback regarding Xilbris. As for Createspace you need to read the fine print and thoroughly understand what they are offering. I’ve seen the quality they are not the greatest. Also consider who’s getting the ISBN you or them – if they are offering the ISBN they own your book. Hope this short response provides better insight.

‎Belle Nartey & Cecelia SelfpublishingTips Jones  – I just went to Createspace just to see what would be my royalties if I had gone with them. The second edition of Keys will be sold for 13.95 according to the royalty calculator here’s the following – $6.22 from print version that’s a 7.73 in their favor, estore I’d make $9.01 that’s 4.94 in their favor in Europe I’d make 3.58 & 4.79 euros per book that’s $4.57 and $6.12 in USD – that means Createspace will make $9.38 and $7.83 off of my book respectively. Do the math. Sell your book on your own site or directly through Amazon or Barnes & Noble (be careful there’s a feud between the two of them) and don’t you dare get on that STUPID .99 cents or free ebook band wagon – that’s S.I.A. = Stupidity in Action. Oh and don’t forget the other fees that are involved in actually printing the book – your “royalties” can be lower. Pricing your book comparatively is critical so trying to over price will not work. PS: for expanded distribution, whatever that means, I’d see a royalty of $3.43 they’d make $10.52 – are they NUTS!


QUESTION: I have a question. I am writing a book that uses quotes from other people some unknown and some known. Do I have to get any kind of rights in order to use those quotes?

Tabitha:  If the person is unknown it should not be a problem, but do your research to ensure that’s the case. As for the known – contact them and ask permission; otherwise you’ll be contacting me to handle the lawsuits that has been filed against you.


QUESTION: Oh ok. What if its somebody that is dead? Should I contact the organization? But it sounds like its just best to leave it along altogether.

Tabitha: If the quotes are imperative to your project invest the time and make the connections. If they are dead – contact the organization or estate as they still have control. Remember you never know the blessings that can come out it – “the road less traveled.” Understand?


QUESTION: What is the best way to sell your books? On your own or thru a site like CreateSpace where they take a percentage? What has worked best for the already established writers?

Tabitha:   I sold the first edition of Check Your Keys through all available outlets and of course through word of mouth – had a lot of foot soldiers (in my case pastors and other leaders in Christianity) help push my prototype. This time around for when the second edition becomes available August 1st I’m selling directly from my site and – there’s a major feud between Amazon & BN – I’ll keep everyone apprised regarding same; now bare in mind that when your sales income reach $20,000 on PayPal – the IRS has required them (PayPal) to report it. Also keep in mind that you will be setting up a merchant account that has a different set of rules. READ THE FINE PRINT. As for printing I prefer and completely satisfied with Lightning Source. Also consider selling your books POD (Print on Demand) great on two levels – no need to pay for storage and of course saving the earth by not cutting down so many trees.