Exhale Moment … Friends

TabithaVinson_Host_of_PWICU_TVIt’s amazing how so many people are on my “friends” list yet they fail to engage me. Most, if not all have said they are here to network, sadly, their version of network is try to get me to endorse them (what? I just met you); buy their item (what, you haven’t even told me why I should, nor have you held a decent conversation with me or try to mimic what I do (uh- let’s get one thing straight – you may see me as your competition, but what GOD HAS FOR TABITHA VINSON IS FOR TABITHA VINSON); there are some who have engaged me want me to minister to them – I’m honored by that and grateful to G-d.

I do reach out and stop by to say hello, but all I receive is a like to those responses. I have many who send me a “congrats” through the inbox instead of out in the open, others are just playing the numbers game (how many “friends” I can collect?).

I thought the use of SOCIAL media, was to engage one another; to bring the art of networking online from the offline world. This is a sad use of the SOCIAL media very sad. Hmmm, new moves are about to be made.

Ok I’m done exhaling.


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