Exhale Moment … Gossip!

What I’m about to share applies to everyone; however, my focus is strictly on the Office of the Prophet. I had a disturbing conversation with a Pastor friend of mine, who shared with me his concern about a prophet who has a tendency to gossip. I nearly flipped as I was told that this particular prophet is known to be well traveled and “seasoned.”

As an oracle or mouth piece for God, prophets are to be careful of what is allowed in their sphere. “How can a Prophet speak HIS WORD to HIS PEOPLE, the people they are assigned to, and allow garbage to enter into their ears?”

It’s a continuing trend that has plagued this particular office. To many times people receive a word, and that word falls to the ground. One of the reasons is because of things like – GOSSIP! It’s a great misrepresentation of God. Prophets mainly keep to themselves, are regulators, and can be standoffish because of what they have to deal with; it’s a mantle that not everyone is qualified to carry.

I digressed for a moment because this prophet is literally a cancer within the Bride of Christ; yes my statement is strong, but it’s the truth. I understand no one is perfect, but the word says “Dear brothers and sisters,[a] not many of you should become teachers in the church, for we who teach will be judged more strictly.” James 3:1 (NLT). This verse not only refers to Teachers, but to the Five-Fold, which includes the Prophets.

Prophets are Teachers in every way, shape, and form. The delivery is what’s different as no two Prophets are the same. However, the commonality is that Prophets are exposed to the supernatural and their spirit man can’t be tainted. I’m going to stop here as I’m done exhaling for now, so I’ll close with this…

LORD, separate the sheep from the goats that exists among the Prophets.


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