Keys Two

Check Your Keys II

Release Date: October 31, 2015

Imagine walking with your keys in hand up to the front door of your home. As you open the door you’re hit with a stench that reminds you of roach spray. Then, as you walk through the door you become appalled by the disarray. A liquid that reeks of urine covers the foyer and as you head towards the living room, you smell cigar smoke and you say to yourself ‘I don’t smoke.’ Then, you look over into the dining room to find your best china destroyed. You proceed to the kitchen to find filthy pots and pans stacked high in the sink, while the powder room reeks of that roach spray you encountered earlier.

Almost sprinting up the stairs, you hurry to the master bedroom. Once there you find a woman in your bed having sex with a man. You stand their frozen! You can’t believe your eyes! The woman looks at you with a blank stare and the man has a sinister grin. You see, the woman in the bed is you; and the man, well let’s just say he’s The Fallen Angel. You look up toward heaven and ask, “What happened to my house?” Then God whispers, “Check Your Keys?”